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Why use VLR to sell your property?

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  1. Real Estate Advisor-Jerry Wang 王悦

    Real Estate Advisor - Jerry Wang | 王悦 778.865.5186

    Our dynamic team of Real Estate Marketing Specialists takes a unique approach to marketing your home. Our Brokerage only works with distinguished marketing representatives to ensure our services are a cut above the competition. 

    Other offices can be motivated by substantial desk (mambership) fees agents pay to be part of their office. VLR does not charge our agents any fees and the only motivation in hiring is the professionalism and a track-record of a REALTOR.

    Our open door policy means you can always walk in and moments later find yourself discussing the market with a cup of coffee in your hand with one of our friendly agents.

  2. Our Methods

    Our extensive use of social media platforms provides us with the tools to keep a leading edge on the industry as well as a place to give you the latest news about what is happening in Vancouver. Follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page and keep up with the industry and learn about us too!

    In addition to our excellent social media platforms our website receives thousands of unique visitors regularly giving your property maximum exposure to a wide variety of people looking to buy real estate. 

  3. VLR Agents are well respected experts on the local market.

    All major news stations and newspapers in Vancouver and Toronto often reach out to VLR for information or comments on the current real estate news. We are happy to provide information to the public and help buyers and sellers gain the necessary knowledge. Our agents are knowledgeable and offer a unique insight into the million dollar plus market. This market is growing constantly as the prices drive upwards. 

  4. The Additional Services

    We understand that selling real estate is first a people business and second a marketing business. That's why after we've discussed in detail all of your individual needs and wants, 100% of our focus goes to marketing your property, with that comes the services not everyone else can offer you: Professional quality photographs of your property - immediately posted with your property listing, 360 degree views when suitable, high-definition online videos, interior staging by an experienced interior decorator that works in our office, personalized and effective feature sheets for your property, floor plans, unique marketing concepts, custom created for each property.

  5. Our Mission Statement

    We are confident that Vancouver Luxury Realty provides the highest level of real estate services in Vancouver. However, we don't rest here. Our Management dedicates a portion of each day to find aspects of our activity that can be further improved. We are a dynamic company and our business offering changes constantly with the focus on exceeding our own standards. This continued drive for improvement leaves our competition far behind in almost every aspect. Most importantly we listen to our clients. Call or email us if you find an area that you think we can do better in.

    Many companies claim that they are the best at one thing or another. The difference is that our words are the reflection of our actions and we can justify them all.