Services for Tenants

Accommodation Request

If you are interested in renting a luxury property please search through all the available properties first. If you see a property that you like please contact us with the listing #, and if you don't see anything that fits your needs, please fill out the Accommodation Request below and someone from Vancouver Luxury Realty will contact you within 24 hrs.

Tenant Services

Vancouver Luxury Rentals (VLR) specializes in luxury property rentals, both short and long term furnished and unfurnished. Our properties include luxurious condominiums, magnificent estates, gorgeous city homes, incredible vacation homes, and exclusive penthouses in the Greater Vancouver area. If you are looking for luxury property rentals, please review our properties.

Property Management Services and Benefits

VLR provide online tenant applications and tenancy signing to make process more efficient. We take security very seriously, all information is transfered through secure, encrypted connections and stored securely on our servers.

VLR has Licensed Professional Property Managerss to help you through each step of the rentalprocess. Inspections are completed upon move in and out in order to ensure a smooth process.

In order to provide you with monetary security, VLR has a Trust Account for all funds, which is constantly audited and regulated. Your security deposits will be maintained in Trust Accounts for the endurance of your rental agreement and we collect all rental revenue with monthly statements.

VLR provides our renters with both Errors and Omissions and Liability Insurance to protect you against potential loss. We also complete a thorough Tenant Employment and Reference Verifications as well as Personal and Corporate Credit Checks to ensure that you are getting the luxury rental that’s right for you and to ensure the safety of all renters.

VLR offers a 24/7 service to help renters in case of an emergency. We also offer maid services and utility payment processing upon request. If you are interested in renting a luxury property please browse our available listings. Once you find your perfect property, please call us today at 604.899.0220. If you're having trouble finding the ideal luxury property that fits your needs, please fill out an Accommodation Request and a member of our property management team will contact you within 24 hrs.